On anniversary, State Patrol urges importance of Move Over Law

State Patrol will have extra enforcement of the move over law, coinciding with the 17th anniversary of State Trooper Ted Foss' death.

“The Ted Foss Move Over Law won't bring back my son, but I know in my heart it's helped,” said Shirley Foss, Ted's mother in an press conference in 2015. She recently passed away.

The law has been on the books for 16 years now, but many drivers still ignore it and continue to endanger lives. 

“It happens all the time,” said Trooper Deanna Wayne, who patrols the southwest metro.

The Ted Foss Move Over Law was enacted a year after the corporal was struck by a careless driver on the shoulder of I-90. Foss was only 35.

“That was August 31, 2000,” said Shirley Foss. “My worst fear became a reality.”

No troopers have been killed in Minnesota since the law passed in 2001. But last year, 16 squads were hit while parked and four troopers were injured. This year, already seven squads have been struck and three state troopers have been hurt. 

“It's always in the back of my head,” said Wayne. “All the time. Every time I'm out of my vehicle it's a fleeting thought."

State Patrol officials ask motorists to keep their eyes out for flashing lights.

“If you're on a two-lane same direction highway and it's safe to do so move over a lane, if you're unable to do that please reduce your speed,” said Wayne.

Struck Minnesota State Patrol Vehicles Statistics, provided by Department of Public Safety

•         2008 – 22 squads struck while parked; 10 Troopers injured
•         2009 – 28 squads struck while parked; 10 Troopers injured
•         2010 – 27 squads struck while parked; 5 Troopers injured
•         2011 – 26 squads struck while parked; 9 Troopers injured
•         2012 – 17 squads struck while parked; 4 Troopers injured
•         2013 – 19 squads struck while parked; 3 Troopers injured
•         2014 – 25 squads struck while parked; 4 Troopers injured
•         2015 – 7 squads struck while parked; 2 Troopers injured
•         2016 – 16 squads struck while parked; 4 Troopers injured
•         2017 YTD-7 squads struck while parked, 3 trooper injured.