New video shows moments before shooting at Eden Prairie Center that sparked panic

Never before seen videos and evidence have now been released from a shooting and lockdown at Eden Prairie Center this past summer.

With the investigation into the suicide at Scheels sporting goods store closed, Eden Prairie Police have released the case file.

According to investigators, a 19-year-old Edina High School graduate entered the store on August 22 with his own ammo and pretended to be interested in purchasing a handgun. The young man died by suicide inside the store, prompting a lockdown of the west metro mall.

In emails between the sales associate and an Eden Prairie detective the next day, the employee says how ‘normal the customer interaction seemed to be going.’ He says the customer showed ‘no signs of being under the influence, agitation, anger or stress’ and that when he turned and ran with the gun it was ‘as if a light switched was flipped.’

The sales associate identified in the newly released documents appears to be a highly trained concealed carry instructor. His email signature claims a long list of concealed carry certifications, and his website shows several classes that he offers.

FOX 9 reached out to Scheels for comment on these latest revelations. They did not respond to our inquiries Monday, nor have they responded to previous attempts for comment.

Mayor of Eden Prairie Ron Case said considering the laws currently on the books, he believes Scheels responded well. In addition, he said while the police department was criticized for not clearing up rumors of an active shooter sooner, he believes they acted as quickly as they could with the information they were given.