New group builds community for young Catholics by trading pews for barstools

For some people, grabbing a pint at a craft brewery is a religious experience. 

Never has that sentiment been more true than for a group of young Twin Cities Catholics who are trading their pews for barstools in an effort to quench their thirst for community. 

"It's Minnesota, we all love breweries," said Sarah Serdar Monday evening. "It's just a cool environment to have casual conversation with people and get to know them."

Since last fall, the "Catholic Beer Club" has met roughly every two or three weeks at a different brewery around the metro--a casual experience with no priests and no expectations, with the simple goal of bonding with other young Catholics outside of church. So far, the crowds have been split roughly in half between men and women, with 60 to 100 attendees per event.

Organizers say the club appeals to both devout and lapsed Catholics, though they're quick to note that you don't have to have a background in Catholicism to join in the fun.   

   "Beer is one of the great equalizers, and anyone of any background, gender or religious affiliation can enjoy a good craft beer, too." Catholic Beer Club organizer Tim Cahill said. "It helps us realize the church can stay up with modern times and reach out to young Catholics and come to this cool event."