New data shows drop in serious crime in St. Paul during 2016

Preliminary crime data from the St. Paul Police Department  for 2016 shows a drop in most serious crimes citywide. 

According to the data, serious crimes fell by 2.4 percent and violent crimes against people fell by 8.2 percent.

“Those are serious assaults, aggravated assaults, robberies, so to see that number go down is very encouraging,” said St. Paul police spokesman Steve Linders.

The data also shows a drop in rapes, assaults and thefts, but a rise in auto thefts and commercial burglaries.
Also on the rise according to the data was the number of reports of gunshots, with a reported increase of 28.6 percent.

“In the next couple weeks we are adding five officers and one sergeant our gang in gun unit, so hopefully we can get more information and get out in front of some of these crimes and prevent them from happening,” Linders said. 

Police believe there is connection between gang activity and the increase in the number of shots fired. St. Paul police say cracking down on gang related activity will be a top priority in 2017.