New bills would reduce penalties for possessing, selling marijuana

To Minnesotans wanting marijuana legalization, House Democrats at the Legislature are saying, "not this year."

Instead, they’re advancing a series of bills that would reduce the penalties for selling and possessing certain quantities of marijuana.

They also want a study on the level of THC that would make a driver impaired. Additionally, Public Safey Chair Carlos Mariani wants to create a task force to look at all issues of legalizing marijuana and look at what’s happening in states such as Colorado and California.

“We want this taskforce to look at what is happening there so that we minimize what the unintended consequences might be and what the surprises might be,” Mariani said.  

Mariani said he’s hearing from other lawmakers that this may be the best way forward on the issue in the house.

Meanwhile, the Republican Senate Majority Leader has come out against any marijuana legalization efforts.