Neighbors dispute dates back over 20 years in Newport, Minn.

All isn't necessarily quiet on the streets of one neighborhood in the Saint Paul suburb of Newport, Minn. as a dispute between two homeowners has reached a boiling point.  Like a lot of feuds, it is tough to point to where this one started, but the issues between Bonnie Saul and Barry Parrish date back about 20 years.

Arguments in the past have revolved around things of Bonnie's that have gone missing, items like a squirrel trap, windsocks, and even a nativity scene baby Jesus.

"We haven't talked for maybe twenty something years, and I've called the police on him so many times," Saul said about her relationship with Parrish.

"I've never met a woman this hateful," Parrish said of Saul.

While allegations of thefts have resulted in numerous police calls, they have also led Saul to install seven surveillance cameras around her property.

"Every time somebody looks at her the wrong way she'll get on the phone and call the cops," Parrish said.

Parrish denies ever taking anything of Saul's or going on to her property. .

"Nobody that I know has been in her yard, the kids don't even stop there for Halloween," Parrish said.

Lately, it has been a battle over Saul's berm that has been the cause of the fighting.

Saul says she built the berm, which is three feet wide and runs for about seven feet, to stop the run off water that was coming from Parrish's yard and flooding her lawn.  He also alleges that Parrish in pumping water onto her yard.

"We put that up there because there is so much water that comes down the street," Saul said.

The City of Newport has declared the berm illegal and told Saul she has to remove it.  While the small barrier will soon be gone, the gulf between these two neighbors shows no signs of narrowing.