Naked women 'air drying' at Florida rest stop send troopers on a pursuit, officials say

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Three women were arrested after they were found naked at a rest stop, said troopers with Florida Highway Patrol. But the women didn’t go quietly, and led officers on a pursuit through Pasco County. 

On Wednesday, Pasco County dispatchers received the 911 call from a custodian at a rest stop off the northbound Interstate 75, just south of State Road 54.

"They're on the northbound side of the building. All three of them are standing in the nude, putting on suntan lotion," the caller stated. 

A trooper arrived, and quickly spotted the naked women. When approached, the women told the trooper that they recently showered and they were “air drying," according to a media release. As the trooper worked to gather information at the scene, the suspects hopped in a vehicle and fled north on I-75 toward SR-52. The responding trooper initiated a pursuit, but canceled it because it did not fit "FHP criteria."

Another citizen called FHP's dispatch to report a reckless vehicle, which turned out to be the female suspects, troopers said. The vehicle turned east on SR-52 and a trooper spotted it driving on the wrong side of the road, troopers said. 

The trooper deployed the agency's "StarChase" projectiles, which are a relatively new addition to FHP. The darts allow troopers to essentially tag a vehicle, back off from a potentially dangerous pursuit, and use a GPS to locate the suspect vehicle. 

The vehicle was tracked down to a convenience store parking lot near SR-52 and Curley Road. Troopers said when they arrived, the car was empty, and they waited for the three females to exit the store. One trooper attempted to take one of the females into custody who did not make it back into the vehicle.

However, as the trooper attempted to arrest the individual, the driver "purposely drove directly" at the trooper, who had to jump away to avoid being struck, FHP reported. The passenger exited the vehicle with a metal bat and tried to "assault" the trooper, officials said.

Another law enforcement officer at the scene rammed the suspect's vehicle with his marked patrol car, but the suspects were back on the road again, heading eastbound on SR-52. Troopers resuming their pursuit.

Dade City police responded to the area and deployed stop sticks, which deflated the right side of the suspect vehicle's right side tires. Then, a trooper used the PIT maneuver and completely halted the suspect's vehicle at SR-52 and 21st Street.

The suspects refused to exit and interlocked their arms together inside the vehicle, officials said. All three were tasered and taken into custody, they added. 

The driver was later identified as 18-year-old Oasis McLeod. The passengers were identified as Jeniyah McLeod and Cecilia Young -- both are 19 years old. 

FHP said several troopers had minor injuries, but didn't elaborate futher. The three females were arrested on several charges, including aggravated assault and lewd behavior.