Musicians rally around drummer killed in Netherlands

Musicians are coming together following the sudden death of a 21-year-old woman, who was stabbed to death while attending university in the Netherlands.

Sarah Papenheim was known for her drumming talent and would often perform at Shaw's, an iconic music venue in northeast Minneapolis. In the wake of the tragedy, Thursday night’s show was about honoring the young Andover woman, who lost her life way too soon. 

"We lost a member of the Shaw family, her name was Sarah,” said a musician during his band's performance. “She drummed out here almost every Monday night for years. A really, lovely, young woman. She died tragically and now they're trying to raise some money to bring her body home.”

Papenheim picked up playing the drums at a young age and she was encouraged by those around her to keep her passion going. Her talents took her far as she even performed in Germany with her band Bernard Allison.

Donee Odegard, Papenheim’s mother, told Fox 9 she can't believe her daughter is gone. Papenheim had gone to the Netherlands to study psychology to help others from hurting themselves after her brother took his own life a few years ago. Now, her mother is left with no living children.

“I’ve been through this before,” said Odegard. “I’ve cried so much my ducts are dry. I am in the angry stage now.”

For now, people who knew Papenheim say they will remember her beautiful smile and contagious kindness.

In addition to Thursday night’s show, there will be a tribute for Papenheim at Shaw’s on Monday night.