MSP Airport looks to increase flow with new escalators, elevators

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The summer travel rush is on at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and work is underway to relieve some of the stress of getting to your plane.

Part of a project is set to open by the end of the week with new escalators naturally directing travelers to the north and south security checkpoints, rather than the middle of the ticketing level of Terminal 1. The escalators are located at the heavily trafficked tram level, and will take passengers to the ticketing level and security checkpoints which more than 30,000 people pass through each day.

“It will lead to a much more efficient flow of people, especially during our busy times to get them on their way to that checkpoint or check their bag,” said John Welbes, MSP spokesman.

Additional elevators will eventually be added around the heart of the ticketing floor to help ease congestion.

“The project is known as the Vertical Circulation Project, basically we’re adding escalators and elevators to smooth the flow of passenger traffic,” said Welbes.

Along the east curbside, Delta passengers may have already noticed a new check-in spot where drivers can drop someone off to check their bags before heading to security. The hope is to relieve vehicular traffic as well.

“That makes me happy, I would like to have more points of entry and not having people all queued up,” said David Veinberg, a traveler.

The new escalators at the tram level are scheduled to open either late Friday or early Saturday according to MSP officials.