Motorists reminded to slow down, move over for tow trucks after accident on I-94

Move over and go slow for the tow -- that's what a group of community tow truck drivers are reminding drivers to do after a tow truck driver was injured in an accident on I-94 E on Jan. 11.

The tow truck driver, Trevor Allison, was helping another driver on the narrow left shoulder of eastbound lane when an oncoming driver crashed into his truck. Allison jumped over the median into the westbound to avoid getting hit and was thrown into the center lane. 

BACKGROUND – ‘When he realized the tow truck wasn’t moving it was too late’

According to the Facebook group, Tow Wife Life, at least 30 tow truck drivers across the country were killed last year while helping people on the side of the road.

The managers at Chief Towing in Bloomington, Minn. say drivers need to be aware that tow trucks are also emergency vehicles and drivers need to switch lanes.

“Our only defense is their conscientious driving, of moving over,” Jeff Schoenborn of Chief Towing says. “Give us a chance. We're out there helping your husband, your wife, your son, your daughter okay. If we get struck odds are they're going to get hurt.”

Allison is currently being treated at an area hospital for his injuries.