Mother of man shot by Amtrak officer in Chicago dies after weekend motorcycle club shooting

A family still in mourning over a tragic death at the hands of an Amtrak police officer in February withstood another blow Wednesday, their mother passing away after another shooting last weekend.

Candice Hackett said goodbye to her 25-year-old son Chad Robertson one last time in February after a shooting outside Chicago's Union Station, not knowing she would join him just about two months later after being shot in the head early Sunday morning near a north Minneapolis motorcycle club. 

The incident outside Hell's Lovers Motorcycle Club last Sunday shocked what residents told Fox 9 was an otherwise quiet neighborhood, sending two others to the hospital as well.

Now, a Wednesday evening protest to hold the Amtrak police office responsible for her son's death accountable is also including a candlelight vigil to commemorate Hackett's life. 

Organizers said in a release they aim to garner an apology from the company and change the policies that led to Robertson's death, and hope that the state does more to prosecute 31-year-old Amtrak Police Officer LaRoyce Tankson than they have done for similar cases in the past. Tankson was charged with first-degree murder Feb. 17.

Information about the protest from the release can be found below:

What: protest to demand Amtrak apologizes and cook County vigilantly prosecutes his killer
Who: family, concerned citizens, local ministers, activists, StPaul BLM, Mpls NAACP
Where: Union Depot Station downtown St.Paul, Union Station downtown Chicago
When: Wednesday April 5, 6:30 p.m.

Minneapolis police arrested two men in connection with the shooting that claimed Hackett's life--31-year-old Kelvin McInnis and 21-year-old Andrew Tyus.

Another man involved in the incident was admitted to the hospital with stab wounds, while a third victim showed up at a local hospital later with a gunshot wound to his ankle, police said. Information about their status was not available, according to police. 

Robertson died in February after being shot in the back by Tankson at Union Station in Chicago. He was on a bus layover at Union Station in Chicago, heading back to Minneapolis from a funeral in Memphis, Tenn., according to his family. 

He was running away after an encounter with police. The Robertsons' attorney has said the family is also considering a wrongful death lawsuit.