Moorhead man admits to setting fire in apartment to break his lease

A Moorhead man pleaded guilty this week to setting a fire last August, in an attempt to break his lease.

In the criminal complaint, Boyd Wurner, 56, admitted to investigators shortly after the August 2022 fire that he had started the fire.

According to investigators, Wurner first attempted to say it was an accident that started when he was cooking a pizza. Later, he claimed that he had been drunk and spilled vodka. Finally, officers say Wurner admitted to starting the fire. Police said that Wurner told them: "He was tired of the noise coming from his neighbors and wanted to get out of the lease so he started the fire."

Investigators said Wurner admitted to using lighter fluid, vodka, and paper to get the fire going in two spots, his bedroom and living room. The fire was thankfully contained to his unit.

Wurner pled guilty Thursday to a count of second-degree arson. He will be sentenced in October.