Montrose, Minnesota woman uses extra time at home to recreate masterpieces


All of her life, Gina Smith has been interested in art. Now, instead of just appreciating it from afar, she is re-creating it in the comfort of her own home.

"It's a glimpse into what beauty was back then and what standards were and obviously what made a great piece of art," she explained.

Smith started re-making masterpieces after the Getty Museum put out a call for the public to re-stage a work of art using household objects back in March.

Since she has been working from home during the pandemic, Smith thought it would be a good creative outlet to dress up and model like the subject in this classic painting called "The Maid."

"It was of this maid like drinking and I was like that's how I feel right now during COVID," said Smith. "I'm stuck at home. I can't go anywhere. All we can do is drink right now."

Now, once a week, Smith strikes a pose, snaps a picture and posts it on social media, inspired by mostly European portraits from the 18th and 19th centuries.

But there are some modern touches like a cardboard cutout of former Minnesota Wild Nino Niederreiter's head on a stick instead of a fan or a chalkboard with “Justice for George Floyd” written on it that are clearly signs of the times.

"It's definitely not natural poses," she said. "It’s a challenge but I enjoy it."

Smith says it can be a meticulous process making sure her poses are just right. But fans of her work say the results are picture perfect.

"You feel a little dorky laying out here in these weird poses and weird put together clothing," said Smith. "But I have no problem laughing at myself and if my friends and family and co-workers enjoy it, I have no problem doing that."