Mom denounces U of M research conduct: 'That's how I feel, like they killed him'

Nothing has silenced Mary Weiss' outrage. She was devastated when her son Dan Markingson committed suicide while enrolled in a psychiatric drug trial at the University of Minnesota in 2004.

"That's how I feel, like they killed him," she said.

She pleaded with doctors to remove him from the study because she was afraid he was in danger of killing himself. He died a horrific death, nearly decapitating himself with a box cutter.

Weiss has spent the past decade accusing the research doctors of misconduct and the University of covering up the abuse. Vindication finally came a few weeks ago in the form of a report from the legislative auditor, which was triggered by a Fox 9 investigation.

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Among the findings, Dan was "extraordinarily vulnerable" when his U of M psychiatrist recruited him into a drug study the same doctor was running. There was little evidence researchers followed up on Weiss' concerns her son was suicidal.

Watch the video from the Fox 9 Investigators for more from Weiss and what's next for the University's research practices.