MNsure to offer low-cost and no-cost insulin next year

As state lawmakers still struggle to come up with an emergency insulin plan, the state’s health insurance exchange is offering low to no cost insulin coverage for next year.

Insulin prices have skyrocketed in recent years. In some cases, those depending on insulin to control their diabetes can no longer afford it, and several patients have died.

But MNsure says all of its health insurance plans for 2020 offer either no-cost coverage for insulin or a maximum co-pay of just $25.

"So this is the first year that the carriers are offering low cost or no cost insulin co-pay," said MNsure Senior Director of Public Affairs Libby Caulum. "We’re really excited about it because we know how important this is to families, and we know how important it is to keep those costs down."

The MNsure website has a page where you can compare the coverage among all the plans.

But MNsure says before you buy, you should call the individual carrier to see if it covers your specific insulin prescription.

Open enrollment for coverage in 2020 ends on December 23.