MNGOP bill would roll back high school league's trans-inclusive policy

A Republican-sponsored bill introduced today at the Capitol would roll back the Minnesota State High School League's new transgender-inclusive policy.

The bill stipulates that any restroom, locker room, or shower "be designated for the exclusive use by students of the male sex only or by students of the female sex only."

Backstory -- MSHSL approves transgender policy

Another section of the bill says that with regard to female teams, "Students of the male sex may not try out for or participate on that team."

Unlike the MSHSL's policy, the Republican bill defines gender in terms of genetics -- specifically, chromosomes and anatomy at birth.

One of the bill's co-authors, Sen. Dave Thompson (R-Lakeville), tells Fox 9, "The reason for the bill is simply to protect the privacy of all children, and make sure nobody is put in an uncomfortable situation."

Thompson also expressed concern birth-males might identify as female and play on girls teams.

But opponents of the bill characterize the proposal as reactionary.

A statement from Outfront Minnesota says, "It would single out trans youth and permanently deny them the ability to take part in their school's activities and use the facilities."