MN State Parks celebrate National Bison Day

Happy National Bison Day!

The bison was adopted as the national mammal of the United States in 2016. To celebrate the important animal, the first Saturday of November was declared National Bison Day.

On Saturday, the Minnesota DNR took advantage of the national holiday to help educate the public, and promote state parks.

Events were underway Blue Mounds and Mineopa State Parks, where the Minnesota Bison Conservation Herd resides.

According to a news release, a new bull was recently introduced to the herd. He is a descendent from the herd at Yellowstone National Park, a herd highly sought after for its genetics.

Genetics from the Yellowstone herd are fiercely sought after by conservation groups, because it is one of few bison herds to have genetics shaped by nature, not human breeding programs.

It is also one of the only herds that has no known cattle genes. Less than 1 percent of all American plans bison have no other genes from cross-breeding.

The Minnesota Bison Conservation Herd is managed by the DNR and the Minnesota Zoo. The ultimate goal is to have 500 animals between several parks and locations.