MN counties under flood warnings, some residents still displaced

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Snow melt is creating issues across Minnesota as flood warnings are still in effect in Brown, Scott and Redwood Counties Saturday.

Rivers are rising and roads remain closed as officials try to get a handle on the water. Some people in Jordan are still unable to get home.

Water levels have been going up and down slightly as barricades warned people of the hazards. Stranded cars are a reminder of what can happen when water levels rise too high.

For a number of Valley Green Park residents, there is only one way in and out of the community.

“I go through slow and I pretty much stay dry,” said Jay Christensen, who has lived in the neighborhood for 11 years.

He spent the last three days helping people get to where they need to go.

"Not far down the street from my house there is a curve that goes around. That curve is still completely under water, I’m guessing two to three feet. Those people still can't get back to their houses,” Christensen said.

Nearby, virtually unbreakable ice jams keep Jordan roads looking more like lakes. For some residents, it has meant evacuation, but for others it has been in and out carefully.

“Most of the main drives, there’s a flood point somewhere, especially if you’re in a car and can’t get through,” Christensen said.

All the water is coming from an ice jam in the Sand Creek. The jam is not breaking up because of its size and because the area around the dam is potentially dangerous. Officials say water levels rise up to eight feet near the jam and, until it breaks, flooding will continue to be an issue for residents.

“My work vehicle is much lower, so if this doesn’t go down more, I can’t leave,” Christensen added. “I’ll be stuck. I was stuck here Friday.”

Those who chose not to evacuate have been forced to find other ways in and out of the park.

“There’s a person’s yard you can cut off and stay dry and there’s ways of meandering through without getting wet,” Christensen said.

Those who did evacuate have been left waiting another day for those water levels to drop.