Minnetonka grad launches girls running nonprofit in Tanzania

While competing for Minnetonka High School, Maya Mor spent countless hours at Purgatory Park, perfecting her pace and falling in love with the sport of running.

"For me, (running) just gives me such a sense of purpose," said Mor. "On a personal level, it's truly changed who I am."

It was here she had the inspiration for Girls Run Global, a new nonprofit she's launching with the goal of inspiring other women across the world to discover their power and purpose through the sport.

Girls Run Global establishes running teams for young girls in underdeveloped countries, leading practices, leadership and learning workshops and providing running gear. 

All you need to run is some shoes and socks, so it's something that is very accessible.

"Our vision is to use the sport of running to empower girls and equip them with the skills to succeed long term," said Mor.

Mor will head to Georgetown University this fall to run track and cross country and has dedicated her gap year to getting the nonprofit off the ground. Their first girls run team will launch in six weeks at a secondary school in Tanzania, Africa, and the response has already been overwhelming.

"We opened it up to a bunch of girls and expected maybe 10 or 20 to sign up, and 69 girls chose to sign up," said Mor.

The organization is still looking for sponsors to help with running gear and donations, which can be made on their website.

What started with a simple idea on a run has now blossomed into something so much bigger and Mor hopes her mission will continue to grow one stride at a time.

"We are trying to create a new generation for girls to change the world for the better," said Mor.