Minnesotans react to Super Bowl LII

Many Minnesotans headed downtown Sunday afternoon to get close to the Super Bowl action. 

Years of preparation came down to one game. It was a match that many watched with pride. 

“Just seeing the transformation that has gone on downtown over the past week or so has been really cool,” one Minnesota native said.  

“I think it’s been great, I think it’s been a once in a lifetime opportunity and I think the city has really hadndled it well,” said Minnesotan Tom Tracey.

It’s estimated that the Super Bowl drew in 125,000 visitors to the Twin Cities. 

Positive reviews from many visitors didn’t faze some Minnesotans. 

“Minnesota, it’s part of the Midwest,” said David Adkins of Minnesota. “You’re going to meet some of the friendliest people here. They’ll roll out the carpet for you, that’s why I love it [here].”

The cold weather was a hot topic the entire week. Many Minnesotans encouraging visitors to come back when it’s warmer out.