Minnesota wolf pups to be featured in new Disney+ series premiering on July 4

Wolf pups from the Voyageurs National Park area of Northern Minnesota will be featured in a new natural history series on Disney+, which premieres on Monday, July 4. 

Tom Gable, the project lead with Voyageurs Wolf Project, told FOX 9 on Friday the wolves he and his team study in northern Minnesota will be featured in the new series "America the Beautiful." Gable says this is "super exciting," noting the series will share "the beauty of the wildlife of Voyageurs and Northern Minnesota with the world."

The Disney+/National Geographic team released the following trailer on social media on Friday featuring the Voyageurs wolf pups that will be in the series: 

The Voyageurs Wolf Project team was contacted about the possibility of filming wolves in the area, and they worked with and assisted the film crew to help them capture the footage that was used. 

"We are incredibly pleased to be able to help the film crew capture stunning footage of the wolves of Voyageurs," Gable told FOX 9. "And are very excited to see the series when it comes out."

Gable says the only footage he's seen is what was released in the trailer on Friday. 

"We are super excited that we have been able to help out with the series and we had a lot of fun working with the film crew," Gable told FOX 9. "You often see wolves from Yellowstone or the arctic on nature documentaries but you never see wolves from Minnesota, in part, because observing wolves in the dense forests of Minnesota is tough."

"So we are very beyond excited that the wolves of Voyageurs and the Northwoods of Minnesota will be featured and shared with the world in this series," Gable added.

"America the Beautiful" is narrated by Michael B. Jordan and will begin streaming on Disney+ on July 4. 

The Voyageurs Wolf Project is a research project through the University of Minnesota aimed at furthering understanding of wolf behavior, specifically how wolf spends their summer.