Watch: Voyageurs Wolf Project captures wolf pups running in northern Minnesota

The Voyageurs Wolf Project shared a video Wednesday of wolf pups in northern Minnesota running to keep up with their parents. 

The video, which was taken earlier in the week, shows the pups trying their best to keep up, with researchers noting they were "really moving for their size." The Voyageurs Wolf Project says their father was in the front and their mom was following behind. 

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The Paradise Pack appears to have five wolf pups this year, and researchers will follow this pack to see how many survive. This is the third litter in three years for the Paradise Pack's breeding pair, researchers said. None of the four pups from their first litter in 2020 survived, while two out of five pups from their 2021 litter survived. 

The Voyageurs Wolf Project is a research project through the University of Minnesota aimed at furthering understanding of wolf behavior, specifically how wolves spend their summer.