Minnesota Vikings' Blake Proehl headlining Minneapolis concert

He’s a Minnesota Vikings player by day and singer by night. 

Blake Proehl was picked up by the Vikings in the spring of 2021 as an undrafted free agent. As fate would have it, the rookie blew out his knee in four places during a preseason practice with Denver in his first season. During his recovery, he discovered a hidden talent. Proehl turned to music. 

"I didn’t even know I could sing either," Proehl explained. "I was so hooked up on football. My dad played football for the league for a while, so growing up that’s what put food on the table. I didn’t know I could sing. It was super random. There is no equation or formula to it. I’m still figuring it out now, but I have a whole band of supporters behind me." 


Football player by day, singer by night: Vikings WR Blake Proehl surprise success on TikTok

After suffering a serious injury at his full-time job, playing wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, Blake Proehl took the time to pursue another passion in another tough industry: the music business.

Saturday, July 15, the Vikings wide receiver will headline his first concert at Fine Line in Minneapolis. The show comes just two weeks ahead of the start of Vikings Training Camp.

"The summer has been very busy," Proehl said. "I wake up early and I have a whole training regimen for football every day. I run, I lift, I study my playbook getting ready for camp. In The afternoon, I shift. I’m either at the studio rehearsing or writing music." 

So what’s more nerve-wracking, getting ready for a Vikings game or getting ready to perform on stage? The singer says it’s a totally different experience. 

"On the football field you’re sharing it with your team and you’re in front of a huge crowd. You’re covered, you’re running around hitting each other. You’re disconnected from the crowd. It’s kind of like war," Proehl said. "When you’re singing, its your job to connect with your audience…and I’m the main event." 

While he has his sights set on his first big concert, Proehl is also looking forward to the start of the Vikings season. So, will the Vikings make it to the Super Bowl in 2023? "100% we’re going to the Super Bowl," Proehl joked.