Minnesota Tesla employee charged in Texas for allegedly threatening Joe Biden, Elon Musk

Generic photo of Tesla logo. (Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images) (Getty Images)

A Minnesota Tesla employee was arrested in Texas on Sunday after allegedly making threats to Tesla, Elon Musk and President Joe Biden. 

According to court documents, Justin McCauley, 31, was charged Tuesday with felony terroristic threats after tweeting, "@JoeBiden @X @Telsa @Elonmusk, I am planning to kill all of you."

"I will arrive in Texas, where the war has began on many fronts @X, @Tesla," McCauley wrote in another tweet. 

McCauley’s wife contacted Rogers police after he told her he was going to Texas and never coming back, charges said. She also told police that McCauley left his cell phone, so he couldn’t be tracked. 

According to the charges, last Friday, law enforcement in Oklahoma encountered McCauley as he was traveling through the state. When speaking to law enforcement during the encounter, McCauley told them he wanted to talk to the president. When asked why, he allegedly responded, "wouldn’t you want to talk to the president if you knew you were going to die tomorrow." 

Early Saturday morning, authorities responded to a terroristic threat call at the Tesla Gigafactory in Austin, but it’s unclear if McCauley made the call. 

According to court documents, on Sunday afternoon, law enforcement stopped McCauley in Austin. He allegedly told authorities that he was planning on going to the Tesla Gigafactory to try to speak with Musk. McCauley was then arrested.