Minnesota State Fair now hiring for 2018 season

The Minnesota State Fair is just about a month away and Tuesday marked the beginning of its hiring spree.

The third annual State Fair Job Fair welcomed people of all ages to the Progress Center on the Fairgrounds to help prepare for “The Great Minnesota Get-Together.”

Jobs range from selling tickets to cooking and everything else that goes into running a smooth and safe state fair.

They need to hire almost 900 people over the 12-day period, starting August 23.

“Stamina! There’s 12 days, and everyone thinks they can, but it’s like a marathon. You hit the wall and you have to be able to keep going,” said Anne Chesin with Chicago Dogs.

Sarah Loken said she loves the fair and is excited to become a part of it.

“I’m like a fair freak. I go four times a year, anyway, so I might as well just work here, come everyday and get free admission,” Loken said.

Almost two million people are expected to go to the state fair over the 12 days. Wages for most positions range from $9.65 to $11 an hour.

More info: https://www.mnstatefair.org/get-involved/employment/