Minnesota State Fair attracts guests from coast-to-coast

Minnesota’s State Fair draws in people from thousands of miles away, with some even crossing an ocean to get there for the celebration’s closing weekend.

From Los Angeles, southern Germany and London, three fairgoers in particular gushed about the fair, even on a soggy Midwestern day.

James Smith, of London, said he didn’t let the sogginess dampen his day.

“The rain doesn’t bother me,” he said. “When you live in Britain, you live in the rain and gray all year-round. That’s not going to stop you from having a good time.”

Sunday afternoon, the Minnesota State Fair tweeted that more than 266,000 enjoyed the food and fun Saturday. Sunday saw fairgoers from around the world, including Colombia, Uganda, Germany, Colorado and California, get a taste of what the fair has to offer.

“I had fried cookie dough, I had fried olives... the corn is amazing, I feel like I have corn in my teeth,” said Nicole Huenergardt, of Los Angeles.

“I think it’s a lot more food,” said Isais Tsainois, of Germany. “I know Oktoberfest is a lot of drinking; there’s not a lot of drinking here.”

State Fair staples, like cheese curds, give folks from the west coast, across the pond and beyond the true flavor of Minnesota.

“I’ve flown across the ocean to come back,” Smith said. “I recommend everyone come back.”