Minnesota State creates task force to reform its law enforcement education program

Minnesota State leaders say the college and university system will launch a task force to reevaluate its law enforcement education programs.

According to the officials, the task force will re-examine its programs through "an anti-racism and equity-focused len."

"We are in a unique position to guide meaningful reform of law enforcement education," writes Minnesota State Chancellor Devinder Malhotra. "Our role will focus on directly addressing issues of racism and social justice by producing graduates who are culturally competent and ready to serve and protect ALL of our communities, regardless of race, ethnicity, or national origin."

Leaders say the task force is one part of a plan to reform its criminal justice education in the aftermath of George Floyd's death. They hope changes to their program will have an impact on law enforcement statewide, as their students graduate and enter the workforce. Minnesota State says 86 percent of Minnesota graduates in law enforcement come from one of the system's colleges.

The university system says the new task force will include 30 members "representing a wide, diverse, and inclusive cross-section of external and internal key stakeholders."