Minnesota rescue group taking trip to save Louisiana flood dogs

Pictures and video show the devastation from floods in Louisiana, but it's the photos of the thousands of dogs abandoned and stranded that really impacted a Minnesota animal rescue group called Good Karma.  On Thursday, volunteers are making the journey south to bring dogs back north.

It's about a fifteen hour journey to what they call "home base" in Louisiana, but four hours more to the heart of the devastation.  The people with Good Karma Animal Rescue of Minnesota say it's all worth it because they are helping find homes for dogs that would otherwise be euthanized.

“To see these poor animals in the case of the flood that were somebody's pet a family member, now they're lost and they're scared and they don't know what to do,” said Michael Booth of Good Karma Animal Rescue.

Good Karma volunteers will bring back about twenty dogs from a Louisiana rescue, which will then make room in the shelters to house some of the displaced flood dogs.

“In order to take care of them so they can find their families again, they need to clear out room in the shelters,” said Booth.

Coming to Minnesota are Emory, Cindy Lou, Walker and Jessie.  They were all set to be euthanized.

“When they get in that car and the car starts to move, for a lot of them that's the first quiet or peace they might have experienced in weeks. And they sleep, the whole way,” said Booth.

The rescuers admit it will be an emotional trip. In addition to rescue, they will help in any way they can. They're bringing a pile of donations to replace the supplies lost to the flood. 

“In a lot of the areas they're still finding pets, they're still finding dogs, they're still making rescues. And I don't know if they'll ever know how many animals are displaced,” said Booth.

It's a long trip and a lot of work, but for those with a passion for pups they say it's totally worth it.

“To see them get off the truck, and they're happy and bouncing around, I've always said they know they're in a better place, they know they've been saved. It's the most rewarding thing,” said Booth.

The dogs will arrive in Minnesota Monday night. It will be about three months before they're up for adoption.

For more information about the Louisiana mission and to donate to help out these dogs, click here.