Minnesota police officer buys motel room for homeless family on 10-degree night

Image: Coon Rapids Police Department

A Coon Rapids, Minnesota police officer delivered on his mission to protect and serve when he encountered a family of seven planning to sleep in their car on a 10-degree November night.

According to the Coon Rapids Police Department, the officer made a traffic stop on Nov. 9 and found a mother, father and five small children inside the vehicle. The family told the officer they were homeless and were planning to sleep in their car. Temperatures that night were going to be around 10 degrees above zero.

Afraid for the comfort and safety of the family, the officer tried to find emergency shelter for the family through the department’s network, but had no luck. That’s when the officer decided to bring the family to a local motel and pay for a room out of his own pocket.

“The officer doesn't want to be named nor receive any recognition, but we, at the department, want to share this story publicly because these kinds of stories aren't always told, but this work happens each and every day in our great nation,” the Coon Rapids Police Department posted on Facebook.

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