Minnesota lawmakers reach deal to end eviction moratorium

Lawmakers in the House and Senate Housing Committee reached a deal Monday to end the current eviction moratorium in Minnesota. 

Under the agreement, Governor Walz's executive order that restricted evictions would be replaced by what lawmakers are calling a "stepped-down off-ramp." 

According to the plan, landlords will be required to send notices to renters with outstanding rent payments. The notices must be given 15 days before eviction. But, renters with outstanding rental assistance claims cannot be evicted and will have protection until June 1 of next year.

The 105-day off-ramp provides time for Minnesotans who owe back rent to secure rental assistance through 211 or renthelpmn.org, which will go directly to landlords. Rep. Hausman and Rep. Howard said the agreement represents strong legislation that offers protections and peace of mind to both renters and landlords.