Minnesota House passes tax bill, DFL blasts bill for being corporate-friendly

The Minnesota House passed a tax plan, which Republicans say would bring the first income tax rate cut to the state in almost twenty years.

The tax bill passed 90-38 Monday afternoon.

Going into the session, Rep. Greg Davids (R-Preston), the tax chair and author of the House Republican tax bill, already had his predictions how his bill would be received.

“We’ll hear on the floor today [from the Democrats] that the sky is going to fall and corporations are evil and should be destroyed, we know what they’re going to say,” said Rep. Davids.

“You value tax cuts to corporations, we value tax cuts to homeowners,” said Minority Leader Melissa Hortman.

In hours of floor debate over various amendments and the contents of the bill itself, his prediction was right on.

“Like the federal tax bill, gives disproportionate amount of benefits to corporations and hits the individual taxpayers,” said Michael Nelson, (DFL-Brooklyn Park).

The DFL-ers believe the bill is too kind to corporations.

“This to me is just incredible that we’re not doing anything about the income gap,” said Rep. Sandra Masin (DFL-Eagan). “We’re just trying to get more and more money to fewer and fewer people.”

Davids has repeatedly said that more than 2 million Minnesotans will see tax cuts and about 148,000 will see small increases. Davids says his bill takes steps towards the Governor’s proposals.

“Well, he’s got to step a little too,” said Davids.  

He says Governor Dayton needs to be ready to bargain. That could include issues such as sanctuary cities and estate taxes, which are no-goes in the Republican-led Legislature.

“And of course we need to get this bill off the House floor,” said Davids. “The Senate will get theirs off their floor, it will go into conference committee and we’ll work this thing out with the Governor’s Office. I need that one signature. It’s kind of a big deal.”

The Senate Republicans will unveil their plan on Tuesday and hope for a vote later this week.