Minnesota family's dog had to be put down after they say she was kicked, punched during Amazon delivery

A Minnesota family had to say goodbye this week to their beloved dog after they say she was injured during an Amazon delivery.

In Katrina Frank’s Wright County home, love means a lick to the face or a paw five to the hand. But despite the presence of her dogs, Benny and Butters, Frank’s house feels emptier this week.

Frank, her partner, and their five children are mourning their beloved third dog, 9-year-old Jakey.

"She was everything. She was my nanny. She was my second mom. She was the one that, every time the boys went outside, it was, ‘Take Jake. Take Jake,’ because Jake would make sure they didn't do anything reckless," Frank explained.

Jakey’s full name was Jakey Breaky Heart, but she also went by Jake. She even gained national fame in 2020 and was featured in commercials for Country Hearth Breads last year because she loved to hide bread.

But the Rottweiler had to be put down Tuesday, two weeks after she was injured in the family's driveway. 


Frank’s family lives on eight acres outside of Buffalo. She said on Oct. 16, a car from Amazon showed up early to deliver a package, and the trio of dogs went up to greet the newcomers.

"Jake was not doing anything wrong. She was not jumping up. She was not provoking anything. She was just standing there," Frank said.

Frank said a passenger wearing an Amazon vest got out of the car to deliver the package and started screaming, leading the driver to get out of the vehicle.

"He kicked Jake the Rottweiler in the stomach, and she started to come toward me, and he was punching at her, and then he started picking up rocks and throwing them at all of the dogs," Frank said.

Frank, who is a nurse, said Jakey spent the first three years of her life as a therapy dog and would come with her to hospitals and nursing homes. The loss is the hardest on Frank’s five children.

"My 8- and 6-year-old aren't here right now because they didn't want to come home from school to a house without Jake because they never have," Frank said.

She's been in contact with Amazon, who offered $5,000 in compensation, but Frank doesn’t feel that’s enough. She wants a guarantee that the company is training its delivery drivers.

"Don't hurt the animal. Don't put somebody's pet at risk. She was so much more than just a dog," Frank said.

Amazon sent FOX 9 a statement saying, "We’re deeply saddened to hear of Jakey’s passing, and we’ll continue coordinating with the family to support them as we have since this was first reported."

A spokesperson for Amazon said they’ve looked into the incident, and the employee indicated she was scared during the encounter with Jakey. She still delivers for Amazon.

However, it is unclear to FOX 9 if the other person who was in the car works for Amazon.