Minnesota candidates, supporters hold last rallies before Election Day

The Minnesota DFL and GOP finished up their final campaign events Monday night as the state and country prepare for Election Day.

During the events, candidates talked about the election process and all of the lawsuits that have come up. Some DFL candidates claimed Republicans are trying to make it harder for people to vote. The candidates also discussed COVID-19 and Republican lawmakers’ handling of the pandemic.

"Let's appeal to our common decency, our strength, our empathy," Sen. Tina Smith said at an event Monday night. "Let's think about leadership that brings us together in this moment because we really are all together in this moment, literally my health is your health, and your health is mine."

Meanwhile, Sen. Smith's challenger, Jason Lewis, held a small event in Woodbury - his first since getting emergency surgery last week. Lewis’ focus was on protecting free speech - and safety, bringing up the unrest in Minneapolis over the summer. Lewis also said a vote for Sen. Smith would threaten 2nd Amendment rights. The candidate also mentioned how close President Trump came to flipping Minnesota red in 2016, saying he expects - at least his race - to be extremely tight, too. 

“Every single vote counts,” he said. “This is going to be a barn burner; this is going to be close. This is going to be the heart and soul of Minnesota.”

Here in Minnesota, Democrats are trying to hold on to control of the House, while Republicans holding on to the State Senate. Both parties are now preparing for a busy Tuesday.