Minnesota animal rescue brings supplies to shelters impacted by flooding

When Secondhand Hounds, an animal rescue based out of Minnetonka, heard that some of the shelters they partner with in Kentucky were struggling to get supplies because of flooding, they put out a call for donations. 

Maggie Schmitz with Secondhand Hounds says the non-profit goes to Kentucky about once a month to bring animals to Minnesota for adoption. She said ahead of their trip this month, they were told some shelters are still without power, are not able to access food and are in need of help. 

"Because of the flooding in the area, and the rural area that it is, they’re having a hard time even getting to the shelters. They’re having to take care of the animals in places where there’s no power, there’s no water and at Secondhand Hounds that pulls at our heartstrings and we want to be able to at least be able to provide something to get them through," Schmitz said. 

On Tuesday Secondhand Hounds put a post out on social media asking for people to donate pet food, water, crates, leashes and other pet supplies. They were overwhelmed with donations and within 48 hours they collected enough supplies to fill two vans.

"I think it goes to show how much like Minnesota nice really truly transcends all of our culture and we want to lend a helping hand when we see other people in need," Schmitz said. 

On their way back, volunteers with Secondhand Hounds will bring around 30 animals to Minnesota for adoption. The animals coming to Minnesota were not displaced in the flooding, they were already in shelters before the flooding started. By bringing these animals to Minnesota, there will be more room in Kentucky shelters to house displaced animals while their owners try to reconnect.