Minneapolitans may face street parking restrictions thanks to rounds of snow

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With two more rounds of snow on the horizon, there’s a chance Minneapolis drivers need to get used to navigating street parking issues.

Jerry Moench was clearing a hole for his neighbors on his Minneapolis street Thursday.

“I live about six blocks away so I plow my way here and plow my way back,” he said. “It’s fun to do and it’s fun to help somebody.”

Over the last 21 days, about 30 inches of snow has piled onto the city.

“It’s very difficult,” he said. “I just helped a couple ladies help get a car out that were just completely pinned in that were having a terrible time with their shoveling.”

Fortunately for them, Moench passed by just in the nick of time.

With more snow on the way, however, Moench is worried navigating the roads may become impossible.

That concern is shared by first responders.

“You can’t just move city blocks anymore and you can’t widen streets to a certain point so something’s got to give,” said Jeffrey Lanenberg, the operations manager at Allina Health EMS.

Meanwhile, on Bryant Avenue, Steven Hartung does some heavy lifting.

“We’re opening up after the plows came through,” said Hartung.

To Hartung, it would come as no surprise if the city soon enforces one-side parking restrictions.

“Of course it’s going to be a hassle, everything’s a hassle in the winter time you just have to deal with it,” Hartung said.

A Minneapolis city spokesperson said the decision over one-side parking won't be made until after Saturday's snowstorm.