Minneapolis police reassure neighbors after chaotic weekend in Dinkytown

After a chaotic and violent weekend in Dinkytown, community leaders faced concerned students, parents, and business owners at a public meeting Tuesday.

The meeting hosted by the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association featured city leaders taking written questions from neighbors, University of Minnesota students, and their parents.

Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O'Hara was among those answering questions, sharing more information about what happened after hours Thursday through Saturday. He said that 35 of the juveniles officers made contact with were from the suburbs, and only eight were from the city.

One of the teens was picked up three nights in a row, cited the first two nights for disorderly conduct followed by inciting a riot, and finally arrested and booked for attempted auto theft in the third-degree on night three.

The chief said they expect he'll be released from jail in the next day or two.

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"He was arrested each of the three nights and the third time, that’s when he was held," said O’Hara.

Inspector Sean McGinty said in at least one instance officers were limited in what they could do, as a Dinkytown business owner did not give them permission to break up a large crowd on their property.

"At one point there was a large group in a parking lot, and we asked the business ‘hey, you want us to clear?’ - that was denied. Ten minutes later one of their employees was assaulted and robbed," said McGinty.

Over the course of three nights, MPD reports ten arrests, seven of whom were juveniles. Six of the seven were cited and released.

"Unless we do some deep community building in our city, nothing is going to change," said mother Melissa Runkel.

MPD says while last weekend's events were concerning, overall, crime is down throughout the 2nd Precinct including in Dinkytown. Police say increased patrols will continue, however, as the university continues to invest in increased safety measures.