Minneapolis pilot program would allow up to 2,000 scooters on streets

Motorized scooters are returning to Minneapolis.

The city selected four operators - JUMP, Lyft, Spin and Lime - to participate in its shared scooter pilot program. Under the new program, Minneapolis will allow a maximum of 2,000 scooters city-wide, with only 800 downtown.

According to a release, "at least 600 scooters must be distributed in areas of concentrated poverty in north, northeast and south Minneapolis."

Officials say the goal is to determine how to best position scooters as a long-term viable transportation option.

The extended pilot program runs through March 31, 2020. 

As required by state law, scooters must follow the same traffic laws as bicyclists. They cannot be ridden on sidewalks and must be parked upright using the kickstand outside of the pedestrian path of travel.