Minneapolis parking app users notified of March data breach

ParkMobile, the developer of the MPLS Parking mobile app that can be used to pay for parking meters throughout Minneapolis, notified users Wednesday of a data breach. 

ParkMobile said that in March, it became aware of a "cybersecurity incident linked to a vulnerability in a third-party software" the company uses. The company immediately launched an investigation with the help of a cybersecurity firm to investigate the hack. 

The investigation found basic user information - including license plate numbers, email addresses, phone numbers and vehicle nicknames, if provided by the user - was accessed as well as a small percentage of mailing addresses. Encrypted passwords were also accessed but not the encryption keys required to read them. 

No credit card information or data related to a user’s parking transaction history was accessed, according to ParkMobile. The third-party vulnerability has since been eliminated and ParkMobile said it notified law enforcement of the incident.  

ParkMobile is encouraging users to change their password for the MPLS Parking app. 

FOX 9 has reached out to the City of Minneapolis for comment on the parking app’s data breach.