Minneapolis park board begs public to avoid group sports, maintain distancing

Minneapolis park leaders are urging members of the public to maintain social distancing requirements when out in parks.

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board says, under Governor Walz stay at home order, parks have remained open. The stay at home order allows for people to get outside, enjoy some fresh air and exercise, but residents are asked to avoid gatherings.

Despite those requests, the park board says they've been overwhelmed with reports of people neglecting social distancing rules, which asks people to main six feet of space around each other and avoiding groups.

Now, park leaders are begging members of the public to obey the rules to help stop COVID-19 spread in the community but more drastic action is needed. The park board points out that other big cities, including Los Angeles and Chicago.

"Everyone needs to do their part to protect others and protect themselves," said MPRB Superintendent Al Bangoura. "We are aware of park closures in other states and would hate to have it come to that in Minneapolis."

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board is asking visitors to follow these mandates:

  • Stay at least six feet apart from other park users not part of your household.
  • Do not participate in group activities. No pickup basketball, soccer, football, volleyball or other team sports. No group activities with people from outside your household, like grilling, hammocking or sunbathing in close proximity.
  • Do not drive across the city or metro to visit popular park attractions. 97% of Minneapolis residents live within a 10-minute walk of a park. Use the parks and open space available in your neighborhood.
  • Use parks in moderation. Visit parks for a walk, bike or roll, but do not hang out at the park all day.
  • Do not use parks if you feel sick or have symptoms, including fever, body aches, coughing, nasal congestion, runny nose and sore throat.