Minneapolis nonprofit gearing up to make prom wishes come true

“Project Prom" is preparing for the upcoming prom season. (Project Prom)

With the high school prom season just around the corner, one local nonprofit is gearing up for a big giveaway. Project Prom has been providing free dresses to teens now for more than 10 years. With the cost to attend the big dance on the rise, organizers say the need is bigger than ever.

“The reactions are probably the best part,” said Jeni Asaba, the founder Project Prom. “I mean there are always tears and lots of hugs.”

Asaba has been helping make prom dreams come true for the past 13 years.

“And it’s grown, year after year, after year,” said Asaba.

Through Project Prom, thousands of dresses have been given away for free and 2020 could be a record breaker.

“So we have over 600 girls registered and those girls are coming from 83 high schools as of this morning,” she said.

She says rising costs are driving the need.  

“It is extremely expensive and I think a lot of people forget that,” said Asaba.

According to the most recent study, the average prom-goer spends more than $900 to go to the big dance.

“From the dress being the biggest cost to getting hair, to getting your nails done, if somebody wants a meal perhaps, you know it all adds up very quickly,” said Asaba.

With more than 3,000 dresses hitting the racks this upcoming spring, Project Prom is helping lift the load.

“I hear these stories every single year from moms and grandmas and dads, who come and say we just can’t afford it all,” said Asaba. “So being able to take the most expensive part of the dress, really helps those families out and we’re very happy to do that for them.”

Registration for Project Prom is still open. There are no income requirements and the event is LGTBQ+ friendly. For more information on the dates of the give-away and location, click here.