Minneapolis landlord under investigation for possibly overcharging tenants, filing unlawful evictions

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison opened an investigation into a Minneapolis landlord who may have charged illegal utility fees to largely-Somali tenants at an apartment complex and attempted to evict them based on these erroneous bills.

Ellison announced the civil investigation into the Investment Property Group (IPG) and Greenway Apartment complex in South Minneapolis for allegedly overcharging tenants on utility bills through a third-party company and filing evictions against those who didn’t pay. 

"Safe, stable, affordable housing is a human right," Attorney General Ellison said in a statement on Tuesday. "Minnesota has laws that protect tenants from abusive practices and unjust eviction actions, and I am committed to using the power of my office to enforce them. Companies and rental properties that turn a blind eye to Minnesota’s utility-billing laws and other housing issues need to know we are watching and will act. Keeping people and communities safely housed takes information and action, so I encourage anyone with concerns about these businesses to come forward."  


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In late 2022, Greenway Apartments notified tenants they would be charged for their utilities separately from rent through a third-party company beginning in 2023. Tenants claimed after the switch they faced exorbitant utility charges, some bills exceeding $2,000.

Isuroon, a local nonprofit that advocates for Somali women and girls, reported to Ellison’s office that numerous Somali tenants had paid high utility charges, while others were facing eviction for not paying. 

The Attorney General’s Office contacted IPG over concerns the eviction filings may be unlawful, especially since the company has filed more than 30 evictions since February 2023. In response to the investigation, IPG declared it would not pursue any evictions while the Attorney General's Office is conducting its inquiry.

The Attorney General’s Office requests anyone with information about Greenway Apartments or other IPG locations to call 651-296-3353 or fill out an online form. Tenants who need assistance can contact Isuroon at 763-353-9313 or Legal@isuroon.org