Minneapolis couple renovates old Hy-Vee van into camper

A Minneapolis couple transformed an old Hy-Vee van into a camper to use on adventures in the great outdoors. (FOX 9)

A couple from Minneapolis used their time during the COVID-19 pandemic to transform an old van into a new oasis. It all started with a simple idea and they're hoping it leads to countless adventures.

When Kate and Aaron Nyquist bought the van last year, it was a shell. In its original life, it was a grocery delivery van. In the right light, they say you can still see where it said "Hy-Vee."

During the renovation, they figured it out as they went along with a big help from YouTube videos. Ultimately, their decisions geared toward their passions of skiing and camping.

"I didn’t know we would spend every day of the summer in the backyard or in the garage tinkering with it," said Kate.

They created the platform bed, installed custom-made cabinets and fully lined the van with wood planks, for the cabin feel. There’s a full electrical system for lights and outlets, which are powered by solar panels on the roof.

The maiden voyage came in August for backpacking in Wyoming. A lot of time and work have paid off.

"Not only have we used it a ton, just the process of like learning something new and stepping outside your comfort zone a bit," said Aaron.