Minneapolis cops seek help arresting bank robber who was caught on camera

Minneapolis police want you to take a good look at the guy in the video at the top of this post.

In and out of the Sunrise Banks branch on Blaisdell last Wednesday in just over a minute, a threatening note exchanged for $1,100.

"The note implied there was a weapon involved and they were to empty their tills," Minneapolis police spokesperson John Elder says.

The bank's surveillance cameras capture the suspect walking in, sunglasses the only thing disguising his face.

He's described by investigators as 5-10, with a heavy-set build.

As you can see in the video, he passed one teller the note, then appears to demand that she show her colleague at the next window the threat to get additional cash.

What happened next surprised even police.

"And then he takes the note back with him," Elder says. "So that is something we don't often see."

"Does that tell you he is a pro or an amateur? It tells us he probably thought this through."

Elder says the department hasn't linked this suspect to other robberies at this point, but they want the public's help to track him down.

Investigators aren't sure if the suspect actually had a weapon or not, but judging by the reaction of the employees afterward, he certainly gave them a real scare.

"Even though these people are behind a glass partition, it's still scary," Elder says. "Real harrowing experience for them."