Minneapolis Community Safety Commissioner Cedric Alexander retiring this fall

Minneapolis Community Safety Commissioner Cedric Alexander will retire this fall. 

Alexander will retire Sept. 1, 2023, sources told FOX 9. He was hired in August 2022 to lead the city's police, fire, and emergency response departments.

"During the last year, I’ve worked alongside committed and talented leaders and personnel to strive towards excellence under the direction of Mayor Frey, who directed me to stand up the historic Office of Community Safety," Commissioner Alexander said in a statement. "As Minneapolis moves toward its continued vision for a 21st-century comprehensive safety strategy, I am proud to note the foundation for success has been established. This is, and continues to be, a beautiful and vibrant city with endless opportunities for all. I am beyond honored to have served this community and have been humbled by the expression of support shown me over the past year." 

Community Safety Commissioner Dr. Cedric Alexander sits down with FOX 9 to discuss questions about Minneapolis Police Department staffing

Alexander is the city’s highest-paid employee, with a salary that is reportedly between $292,000 and $350,000. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey told FOX 9 his successor will be in the same salary range, around $300,000, because he feels it matches the amount of responsibility.

"It's a lot of employees, and it's a lot of employees that are the first responders of the first responders in the largest city of our state. You get what you pay for," he said.

"Commissioner Alexander’s career has been defined by a commitment to public safety and public service," Frey added in a statement. "When Minneapolis needed strong leadership and a clear vision, he answered the call. I am grateful for his dedication to our city and his excellent work to curb violent crime and make a comprehensive safety system a reality. I am honored to have worked alongside Commissioner Alexander and thank him for his disciplined, inclusive approach to community safety. I’m grateful to call him a friend and will be seeking his guidance well into the future."  

The mayor says he'll outline a transition plan "in the weeks ahead."

Although Dr. Cedric Alexander is headed for retirement, he said he's ready to offer guidance when Frey asks for it.

"This is a person whose entire career is defined by public service and public safety. He stepped up and answered the call when we needed someone to set up an entirely new entity," Frey said.

Frey said he'll work with Dr. Alexander to figure out what qualities city officials should look for in the next commissioner. Several candidates have already inquired about the position, but Frey wouldn't say whether they're internal or external.

In a brief statement, Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O'Hara wrote: "I want to congratulate Commissioner Alexander on his well-deserved retirement, and I wish him well in the future."