Milwaukee bus driver inspires passengers to help driver stuck on train tracks

A Milwaukee bus driver and some of her passengers went the extra mile to help a motorist stuck on the train tracks, according to Milwaukee County Transit System.

Amid a snowstorm Tuesday, MCTS driver Shenika Merrill was driving her route when she pulled up behind a car with its hazards on at a train crossing. Surveillance video on the bus captured what happened next.

"Somebody needs to help get that person off the tracks," said Merrill. "That's very dangerous."

Merrill stopped the bus and rushed out to help push the car off the tracks. Inspired, other riders on the bus followed her lead and joined in until the car was able to break free.

The driver, who was headed to her job at a hospital at the time, later wrote to MCTS to express her gratitude.

“I was doing everything I could to get unstuck," wrote the woman. "I was ready to call a tow truck when a MCTS bus pulled up behind me. This lady, bless her heart, stopped her bus and was so worried about me. She gathered everyone she could and they pushed me out of the snow until I regained traction. This wonderful deed made such a great impact on me. Thank you! You are the reason I got to work today to help save lives. We need more beautiful souls like yours.”

FOX 9 reported on this story from Eden Prairie, Minnesota.