Merrifield bar facing liquor license suspension for violating order

A tray of beer sits on a table at a restaurant. (FOX 9)

A Merrifield, Minnesota restaurant is now facing a potential 60-day suspension of its liquor license for defying the governor's current order against on-site dining services due to the pandemic.

According to the Department of Public Safety Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division, Mission Tavern opened for in-person dining on Nov. 25, but later complied with the order after receiving a cease-and-desist order from the Minnesota Department of Health on Nov. 30.

Mission Tavern, however, reopened on Dec. 11, which prompted another cease-and-desist order and an administrative penalty order that included a $10,000 fine. The bar continues to remain open, so DPS is now pursuing a liquor license suspension, pending a hearing with an administrative law judge.

If there are further violations, the bar could lose its liquor license for five years.

This is the fourth Minnesota establishment to receive a notice of liquor license suspension for violating the governor's order.