Meet the man behind Terrible Origami

Nate from Terrible Origami creates origami designs and then sells them on Etsy. We find out if the internet sensation has gotten any offers for his quarter-million dollar creations.

"I'm used to being a little misunderstood because people see the Etsy shop and they think it's a joke, but really it's my full time job right now. So I'm really excited to do it, and to show you guys how to do it."

Brown Bag Fist

"That was actually one of my first pieces. A lot of people like that one, because it looks like a fist. I like brown bags because they're just sort of ubiquitous."

Million-dollar frog

"The Million-Dollar Frog is part of my deluxury line – deluxe + luxurious. It's a 4 ft x 4 ft frog that's about knee high. I made it out of 100 sheets of paper that I locally-sources from Target."

The lesson

The beautiful thing about Terrible Origami is that you can add tape, you can fold and cut – because it's terrible."

The sales figures

"I sell roughly one piece a month. I've sold three actual pieces. I also have t-shirts for sale in the Etsy shop."

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