Manhunt continues in northern Minnesota for murder suspect

Investigators are again asking members of the public to keep an eye out as the manhunt for a murder suspect in northern Minnesota continues.

At a Friday afternoon news conference, Pennington County Sheriff Ray Kuznia said the search for 44-year-old Eric Reinbold is ongoing. While the sheriff's office has received a number of tips, they are asking anyone who spots Reinbold or sees something strange to call deputies.

"We believe he is still on foot," said Sheriff Kuznia. "We are searching a lot of the area in Red Lake and Pennington counties."

The sheriff says, in the past, Reinbold is known to hide in grassy or swampy areas. He is wanted in connection with the death of his wife Lissette Reinbold.

The sheriff believes Reinbold is likely still in Pennington County or surrounding counties.

"If you notice anything that looks unusual, like missing water or any type of food items you need to survive," said the sheriff. "Someone walking in a strange area -- out in the swamp or in the woods, if you see it on a game camera -- we want to know about those type of things."

At the same time, the sheriff is asking members of the public not to approach Reinbold if they see him. The sheriff says investigators aren't sure if he is armed but they consider him dangerous nonetheless. However, despite those concerns, the sheriff does not believe Reinbold otherwise presents a threat to the public.

"We believe he is on the run and he is not going to be targeting any groups of people," the sheriff explained. "He's hiding from us and he's not going to want to be seen in any crowds or type of events."

Along with the murder case, Reinbold also has a record that includes a federal conviction for building pipe bombs. Earlier this week, the U.S. Marshals offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case.

Anyone with information on the case or Reinbold's whereabouts is asked to call 1-877-WANTED-2.