Man gets lost trying to jet ski to Isle Royale, is rescued by Canadian freighter

A jet skier was rescued by a freighter crew last week after he got lost on Lake Superior. 

The 42-year-old man left Grand Portage on a borrowed jet ski and embarked on a 35-mile trip to Michigan’s Isle Royale last Monday evening.

The man, who is from the state of Virginia, got lost in the fog and ran out of gas about 10 miles into the trip.

Luckily, he had his cell phone and was able to call authorities who were able to pinpoint his location.

However, before the U.S. Coast Guard could get off the ground, the captain and crew of a large Canadian freighter rescued the man first.

Despite chilly weather conditions, the man was in good condition.

Authorities say personal watercraft are prohibited in Isle Royale National Park.