Man desperate to find Good Samaritan who returned his wallet in act of kindness

Sometimes, the smallest gestures can actually mean a great deal and, in the case of one local man, he says a complete stranger went out of his way for him.

He is on a mission to find that person and thank him for the good deed.

It all started at the Ardmore train station New Year’s Eve. A Radnor Township man and his girlfriend were taking the train into Philly for the night to celebrate, not realizing he left his wallet on the train, until he saw his Ring camera footage the next day.

It’s 8:15 on New Year’s Eve and Greg Basile’s Ring doorbell camera captured a stranger ringing the doorbell of his Wayne home. "I’m like, ‘Oh, who is this gentleman at my door?’ and I listened."

"Hello, I have your wallet. I’m returning it. Found it on my train," the stranger said on camera.

Basile had no idea he did not have his wallet until after he got off the train in Philadelphia and was checking into his hotel. He thought he’d left it at home, until seeing the incredibly thoughtful person at his doorstep.

"Didn’t give his name, didn’t give any way to contact him and I have to find this guy, at the least, to say thank you, if not a reward," Basile remarked.

Basile says he can tell the stranger was not expecting anything in return. "He did it just because it was the right thing to do. He was finished with his day and drove to my house. I guess he got my address off my license and drove to my house at night to do this good deed."

Basile says he had all his credit cards and ID in his wallet. He presumes the man is a SEPTA worker and says who knows where the man’s car was parked before he drove to Basile’s house.

"I was taken back. I was so surprised" Basile went on. "That’s just so kind on so many levels. I think I do good for people. I have to step up my game, because something like this makes you feel so good."

Basile says he hopes the story will inspire others to do good deeds. He also says he will take the train to the Good Samaritan wherever he is. If you’re watching, or you know who the person is, reach out to Dawn Timmeney at FOX 29 or through social media to make the connection.